It is Our desire to know the One True God; Our Heavenly Father, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; so, to worship him in the Spirit of Truth as He desires such worshipers said in John 4:21-24. 

We know that we are not able to understand the will and desires of the One True God without the Spirit of Truth in us, which is the Anointed One in Us and this is Yeshua the One send by his God and Father to reveal Him to us.

Therefore, to know Yeshua a Hebrew born from the tribe of Judah the root of Jesse and was anointed for the salvation of the whole world, is to understand the Hebrew-Jewish Perspective, for to be anointed is a Jewish term, even Jesus Hebrew Name Yeshua’s means; Yah-Saves. Yah is short for the Heavenly Fathers Name; YHVH, where we get the Hebrew phrase Hallule-Yah.

Fellow believers having Hebrew-Jewish Perspective will be very edifying and uplifting in growing in grace and knowledge of Our Beloved Master in the Holy Scriptures, the Word of Truth from Our Heavenly Abba.

Remember all the Promises of Abba are Yes and Amen. So let us walk in the Spirit and in Faith, have the same mind as His Anointed in us, the Spirit of Truth, which is the God Word, is Truth and therefore be transformed to the image of His Son, being a light unto the world. 

It is Our Heavenly Abba’s Great please to bring many Sons to Glory, to be heirs of all His Creation along with His Beloved Son, Yeshua the first born of many to follow.  Shalom!